Get Involved!

Join our grassroots organization working for the Red Hook community. Organize an event, write a letter to the editor, make phone calls, go door-to-door – in short, make a difference in our town!

Neighborhood Leaders

We’re looking for people from all over Red Hook to represent their neighborhood and help us better communicate with and serve the people of Red Hook. Maybe you’re already doing so and don’t even realize it! Become one of our neighborhood leaders.

Dems Club Meetings

We have regular public meetings at different places around Red Hook to discuss issues of interest at the national, state and local level. Join us for a cup of coffee and good conversation.

Financial Support

Elections are expensive and we don’t have big corporate donors to fall back on. We are staffed and funded entirely by people like you. We accept contributions of money, goods or services – whatever you have to give.

The safe, free, easy way to donate is our secure form here:

Or mail your generous contribution to:
Red Hook Democrats
PO Box 183
Red Hook, NY 12571

Do you own a second home in Red Hook?

In Dutchess County, as there are an increasing number of people who live part of their week in the City or elsewhere, and the other part in Dutchess. These folks have a right to choose to vote in Dutchess. If that describes you, register locally!