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Sept. 30, 2023 Update

As you know, there are many local races on the ballot, and each candidate needs our help to engage voters. Can you join us for one (or several) of the opportunities below?

Now is also a great time to reach out to folks that you’ve met who are new in our community – have they registered to vote? Do they know where to go to find their polling place? Please direct them to where they can find all of that info.

Please also visit for info on local and county candidates and much more!


We have Anthony Parisi (District Attorney), James Rogers (County Family Court), and Robert McKeon (Town Supervisor), and Bill Hamel/Jacob Testa (Town Council) signs.  Please email if you’d like a sign for your lawn (preference for those who are on prominent roads) and if you’d like to help distribute signs in public right of ways, let us know that, too.

We have updated with all the info about the upcoming election, so please go there if you have questions! You can use if you aren’t sure about your registration. Several polling places in Red Hook have changed due to local redistricting, so please check before you make your voting plan.

Door Knocking

We want to spread the word about our local candidates and support our county candidates. We’re using an easy app (Minivan) and can get you a list for your neighborhood – come help us GOTV! Email to get a list. Or go to

We’ve all been told that when Dems vote, Dems win. And many of us do our part, voting every year in every election. But too many Dems sit out odd-numbered years or even the midterms, leading to elections far closer than they need to be – or outright losses. It has been proven that when a person you know – whether a friend, family member or neighbor – reminds you to vote, you are more likely to do so.

The concept of N2N has been around and implemented in various ways over the years. Our goal with TurnBlue N2N was to create a simple, digital version that allows people to pick Democratic family, friends, and neighbors they already know who need friendly reminders to get out to the polls this November.

Getting started is easy. Create your free account at and connect it to your voter registration record. Once that’s done, you simply search your neighborhood or even copy and paste a list of friends to find Dems that need those nudges. Adopt those Dems and begin the easy process of reaching out to them through friendly DMs, texts or phone calls.

Official Caucus Results

July 16, 2023

On Tuesday, May 30, 2023, the Red Hook Democratic Committee held a caucus to determine candidates for local positions to run in the November 2023 election at the Red Hook Community Center. The following candidates were successfully nominated by the caucus: 

Town Supervisor: Robert McKeon (to seek a third term)

Town Board: Bill Hamel, Jacob Testa (each seeking a second term)

Town Justice: Tom Mansfield (second term), and Lisa Loughran (first term)

Approximately 70 people attended the publicly noticed caucus. In opening remarks, committee chair Sarah Imboden welcomed the attendees and thanked everyone for their participation, noting that a caucus is a community event and one of the important elements of civic engagement. She observed that over time the number of Democrats in the Town of Red Hook has shifted to be the majority of the registered voters and that this situation, combined with the hard work of past volunteers, has created an opportunity and heightened the responsibility of elected officials, and voters, to serve the public well. Imboden thanked dedicated volunteers such as past chair John Schmitz, former town board member and county legislator Micki Strawinski, and current county legislator Kris Munn, and the many other committee members, candidates, public servants, and volunteers for their hard work in building the Democratic voter base in Red Hook.

Before the floor was opened for nominations, the caucus held a moment of silence for longtime volunteer and elections coordinator Linda Greenblatt, who passed away earlier in 2023. Town Justice Jonah Triebwasser spoke to the caucus about his many years of service as a town justice and affirmed his intention of retiring from that position at the end of this year, without seeking re-election. 

The caucus unanimously endorsed the slate of county-wide Democratic candidates, Tommy Zurhellen (County Executive), Kenya Gadsden (County Clerk), Anthony Parisi (District Attorney), and Jim Rogers (Family Court), as well as county legislator Kris Munn, whose candidacy had been confirmed by petition earlier in the spring. (Subsequent to the caucus, Chris Drago, who is running for county legislator to represent District 19, which includes election district 6 in Red Hook, won his primary.)

After their nomination, each candidate affirmed their desire to serve Red Hook and continue their community service for another term (if already in office).  

Current town board member Bill Hamel said, “I am excited to run for reelection to the Red Hook Town Board so that we can continue the vitally important work of preserving, protecting and promoting Red Hook, its citizens, businesses and precious resources. Over the past three and a half years we have achieved significant positive accomplishments for the Town, but there is more work to be done and I look forward to being a part of that for another four years.”

Lisa Loughran, running for Town Justice as an independent/unaffiliated with a party, said she was pleased to be asked to consider running on the Democratic line. During the caucus, she was nominated by Ellen Triebwasser. “I am honored to be running for Red Hook Town Justice. As a long time public servant and community and youth organization volunteer, I am thankful for this opportunity to serve the citizens of Red Hook,” Loughran said.

Incumbent Town Supervisor Robert McKeon was nominated by Town Board member Julia Solomon. In accepting the nomination, McKeon said, “It’s a great privilege to work for the people of Red Hook during what is a very exciting time.  We continue to make significant investments in our community while preserving important resources and embracing new technologies.  Red Hook is recognized as a leader in so many areas because of the great volunteers and programs over the years.” 

To stay up to date on Democratic activities in the Town of Red Hook, please visit and join our email list, or follow us on Facebook (@redhookdems). 


New 2023 Red Hook Voting Districts

New Election Districts – District 6 circled in red.

Chris Drago wins Dutchess 19th District County Legislature primary

Red Hook Election District 6, which is parts of Feller Newmark Rd, Hapeman Hill Road, East Willets Drive, Saint Paul Road, and Turkey Hill Road (as well as some smaller roads) is part of County District 19. Rest of Red Hook is District 20, represented by Kris Munn, seeking reelection this year.

Here is some information on Chris Drago, our endorsed candidate:

Chris has a deep understanding of our Northern Dutchess District 19 having grown up in Clinton Corners, attended high school at the Millbrook School, college at Vassar, and he now lives in Stanford with his partner, Eric. As many of you know, Chris and his family have deep ties in our communities and we are thrilled that Chris has stepped up and decided to run for office.

Chris is focused on basic needs of Northern Dutchess communities — investing in infrastructure, getting climate ready, tackling the housing crisis, and improving emergency medical services. With a strong candidate like Chris and a coalition of Northern Dutchess District 19 Democratic Committees, this is a winnable race. We encourage you to vote for Chris in the June Primary and support Chris’ campaign:

March 8, 2023
Statement on Committee Endorsements

At the regular committee meeting, held Tuesday, February 28 via Zoom, the committee held a discussion of candidates for local office and voted to endorse the following candidates:

Robert McKeon (incumbent, Town Supervisor seeking a third 4-year term)
Jacob Testa and Bill Hamel (incumbents, Town Councilmembers each seeking a second 4-year term)
Tom Mansfield (incumbent, Town Justice, seeking a second 4-year term)
Lisa Loughran (Town Justice, seeking a first 4-year term)
Kris Munn (incumbent, County Legislator District 20, seeking a 4th 2-year term)

Red Hook is a caucus town, and as such, the Democratic Party will hold a caucus this spring to officially determine which candidates will be on the Democratic line for these local races (with the exception of County Legislator, which is a petition to ballot position). The party may hold the caucus at a date to be determined sometime between February 28 and July 27. The caucus will be publicly noticed and all registered Democrats in Red Hook are welcome and encouraged to attend. More information about all candidates will be available in the near future, prior to the caucus.

The committee recognized Judge Jonah Triebwasser for his 16 years of service as a Town Justice. While Judge Jonah is seeking re-election in the Village of Red Hook this year, he announced that he has decided to retire as a Town Justice. Lisa Loughran, a longtime community volunteer and retired State Police officer, has declared her intention to run for the position and seek the Democratic ballot line.

The committee also endorsed Democratic candidates running for county-wide positions: Tommy Zurhellen (County Executive), Kenya Gadsden (County Clerk), Anthony Parisi (District Attorney), and Jim Rogers (Family Court Judge).


In Red Hook it’s an especially full November ballot every four years when we have the opportunity elect the following local positions:

*Town Supervisor
*Two Town Council seats
*Two Town Justices
*Town Highway Superintendent
*County Legislator

In addition, there are several county-wide positions that will also be on the ballot, including:

*County Executive
*County Clerk
*District Attorney
*Family Court Judge

Who we are

This is the official site of the Red Hook Democratic Committee, part of the Dutchess County Democratic Committee, representing Democratic registered voters and residents in the Town of Red Hook, including the Villages of Red Hook and Tivoli and the hamlets of Barrytown, Annandale-on-Hudson and Upper Red Hook.

Our primary goals include: registering and engaging with local voters, and helping elect progressive, community-minded leaders in Red Hook as well as our NY State Senate District 41, NY State Assembly District 103 and US Congressional District 18.