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March 8, 2023
Statement on Committee Endorsements

At the regular committee meeting, held Tuesday, February 28 via Zoom, the committee held a discussion of candidates for local office and voted to endorse the following candidates:

Robert McKeon (incumbent, Town Supervisor seeking a third 4-year term)
Jacob Testa and Bill Hamel (incumbents, Town Councilmembers each seeking a second 4-year term)
Tom Mansfield (incumbent, Town Justice, seeking a second 4-year term)
Lisa Loughran (Town Justice, seeking a first 4-year term)
Kris Munn (incumbent, County Legislator District 20, seeking a 4th 2-year term)

Red Hook is a caucus town, and as such, the Democratic Party will hold a caucus this spring to officially determine which candidates will be on the Democratic line for these local races (with the exception of County Legislator, which is a petition to ballot position). The party may hold the caucus at a date to be determined sometime between February 28 and July 27. The caucus will be publicly noticed and all registered Democrats in Red Hook are welcome and encouraged to attend. More information about all candidates will be available in the near future, prior to the caucus.

The committee recognized Judge Jonah Triebwasser for his 16 years of service as a Town Justice. While Judge Jonah is seeking re-election in the Village of Red Hook this year, he announced that he has decided to retire as a Town Justice. Lisa Loughran, a longtime community volunteer and retired State Police officer, has declared her intention to run for the position and seek the Democratic ballot line.

The committee also endorsed Democratic candidates running for county-wide positions: Tommy Zurhellen (County Executive), Kenya Gadsden (County Clerk), Anthony Parisi (District Attorney), and Jim Rogers (Family Court Judge).


2023 is an important year for local elections! (Please note, in Red Hook the party does not endorse or get involved in Village Elections. But they are important to vote in – don’t forget to show up on March 21, 2023 if you live in one of our fine villages!)
In Red Hook it’s an especially full November ballot every four years when we have the opportunity elect the following local positions:

*Town Supervisor
*Two Town Council seats
*Two Town Justices
*Town Highway Superintendent
*County Legislator

In addition, there are several county-wide positions that will also be on the ballot, including:

*County Executive
*County Clerk
*District Attorney
*Family Court Judge

Join our email list to get regular updates on how you can support the Democratic candidates who have come forward for these positions. We are a caucus town, so we will hold a party caucus this spring to officially determine who we wish to put on the Democratic line for the local races. The caucus will be publicly noticed and all registered Democrats in Red Hook are welcome and encouraged to attend!

County-wide positions, as well as our County Legislator and the committee members that represent each election district in Red Hook, are petitioning during March to be on the ballot and to serve in their positions. If a committee member comes to your door with a petition, I hope you’ll hear them out and consider supporting Democratic processes by signing!

To see how our districts have changed due to re-districting, try this handy site: “NYS Redistricting and You, an interactive map that shows the Congressional, State Senate, and Assembly districts after redistricting.”

Who we are

This is the official site of the Red Hook Democratic Committee, part of the Dutchess County Democratic Committee, representing Democratic registered voters and residents in the Town of Red Hook, including the Villages of Red Hook and Tivoli and the hamlets of Barrytown, Annandale-on-Hudson and Upper Red Hook.

Our primary goals include: registering and engaging with local voters, and helping elect progressive, community-minded leaders in Red Hook as well as our NY State Senate District 41, NY State Assembly District 103 and US Congressional District 18.