2nd home in Red Hook? Vote local so your vote really counts!

Live/work in the City? Your vote here in Red Hook will count for more. You can legally register (at least one of your household) here: Easy online voter registration.

Polling locations current as of October 2022. See latest Board of Elections map or easy-to-use Polling Place Lookup tool if you’re not sure what District you live within. 

District 1: Tivoli // Tivoli Fire House // 2 Tivoli Commons

District 2 + 4: Red Hook High School // 103 West Market Street

District 3: St. John’s Reformed Church // 126 Old Post Road North (Upper Red Hook)

District 5: Bertelsmann Campus Center at Bard College // 30 Campus Road (Annandale-on-Hudson)

District 6: Red Hook Firehouse // 42 Firehouse Lane

District 7 + 8: Red Hook Town Hall //7340 South Broadway