Assemblyman Molinaro Opposes Reform of “Archaic” Election Laws

Votes against bill to protect voters’ personal medical information

An important voting reform bill passed in the Assembly last week. New York State’s absentee ballot application will be simplified if it passes the State Senate, too. Only 5 members took the radical position to oppose the reform. Assemblyman Molinaro was one of the 5 “NO” votes.

The simplified form would require less personal supporting information, like the name of the voter’s physician – information that some voters might prefer not to provide on a publicly available document. And by eliminating the requirement for that information, the new law would also eliminate an excuse for election lawyers to throw out votes cast when that information wasn’t provided, by oversight or out of privacy concerns.

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State Senator Steve Saland Votes to Block Ethics Reform

After unanimously supporting the bill when it first came to a vote last month, Senate Republicans including our state senator Steve Saland voted against overriding the governor’s veto of ethics reform. The Senate debate laid bare the acrimony between Republicans and Democrats, who traded accusations over which party was to blame for blocking ethics reform at a time when several political corruption scandals have reinforced the stereotype that Albany is rife with favor trading and influence peddling.

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