The Red Hook Dems annual scholarship for a senior graduating from Red Hook High School was first offered in 2011. The Red Hook Democratic Committee will continue this tradition again this year—pledging a five hundred dollar scholarship to encourage a worthy student to pursue further studies beyond High School.

Contribute at our GoFundMe page.

We are excited to give this gift to our community. We are celebrating the fact that the Red Hook Democratic Committee is an established and vital part of Red Hook. We are doing this to highlight our shared values of community service, empowering our youth and our belief in the importance of education.

A graduate will receive the 2019 award this May 30 at the Red Hook High School Awards night. This scholarship has been coordinated with the High School administration and application forms have been made available to the student body.

We are asking for your participation in this effort. A modest contribution will help us to bring a student’s dreams closer. We have already collected some of the donations needed to fully fund this year’s award. Please consider joining us with your contribution to this worthwhile effort.

We know that when we all pull together, great things happen. Let today be one of those days when we join to make our town a better place.


Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to our community though at least a written essay or ideally, a creative project using visual or interactive media. “It’s easy to complain about the problems we see around us–but today young people in Red Hook and elsewhere are getting involved and working on real solutions. Think of this project as a way to get the word out–tell a story about your good idea, or show an example of how you or someone you know has made a difference.”

Candidates must be 2019 Red Hook High School graduates, and have study plans in the coming 2019-20 academic yearthis can include college, university, technical or vocational training or other post-secondary education program or non-paid internship.